Tech Support

In order to expedite tech support issues, we have created a separate tech support form. Please only use the form below for questions relating to technical and billing issues. For all other inquiries, please log in and go to the person icon (profile picture) in the top menu and click "Contact."

Please read through these common issues and solutions before contacting us.

I forgot my password.
Click the "Login" link in the top menu, then click the "Forgot Password" link under the Log In button.

How do I access my courses?
Log in to the School by clicking the "Login" link in the top menu, then click the "My Courses" link.

I am seeing "Lecture content locked."
There are 2 reasons you may see this message:

1. Lectures need to be completed in order. Click the "Go to last lesson" button and click "Complete and continue" (the forward arrow on mobile devices) at the top of the screen.

2. You are not logged in. Click "you'll need to login" and log in with your username and password.

I don't see where to enter the coupon code.
After you click the "Enroll in Course" button, there is an "Add Coupon" link under "Order Summary." (You may have to scroll up on a mobile device.) Click the link, enter the coupon code, then click "Apply" and the total will be reduced.

Videos won't play or other issues with the videos.
Please refresh the page by clicking the round arrow icon at the top of the browser window, or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. If the video starts over, you can fast forward by dragging across from the bottom.

I watched a video or completed a lecture and there is not a check mark next to the lesson showing that it has been completed.
Each lecture will be marked complete once you click "Complete and continue" (the forward arrow on mobile devices) at the top.

I purchased a course and it is not available.
We offer courses for a special pre-sale price before they are released. Please read the large, red text at the top of the course page to see when the course will be available.

A quiz question was marked as incorrect, but I believe I chose the correct answer.
Please use the form below and tell us the name of the course, the session, quiz number, and the answer you chose.