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Degree Programs

Associate in Bible and Theology

60 Credit Hours with 15 Core Courses

Bachelor in Bible and Theology

120 Credit Hours with 32 Core Courses
(60 credits with an earned Associates)

Masters in Bible and Theology

Coming Soon!

Doctorate in Bible and Theology

Coming Soon!

Key Degree FAQs

All degrees are earned at your own pace and are accredited.
Students can choose courses in any order.
Core courses are required for the Associate and Bachelor programs.
Keep track of your earned credits in the Degree Tracker.
More degree and course information are available HERE.
We now offer internships, allowing you to apply what you've learned while earning credit! You can earn five credit hours towards your Bachelor's by completing 75 hours of internship time. This opportunity will also be available for the Master's and Doctorate (allowing up to 15 credits total).