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Embark on a spiritual expedition in Project Goshen, a riveting ten-session course series by Dr. Kevin Zadai. Just as Goshen served as a place of refuge and prosperity for the Israelites in Egypt, this series offers insights into living under God's protection and provision in today’s turbulent world.

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Lord Help Me to Understand Myself with Dr. Kevin Zadai

God created YOU, made YOU a certain way, and there is no one else like YOU! Imagine if you started living in the peace and confidence of knowing who you are AND that you are valued, loved, and accepted by God. Dr. Kevin Zadai wants to help you make this revelation a reality in your life.

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Through a series of visitations from Jesus, Dr. Kevin Zadai learned what it truly means to experience Heaven on Earth. Kevin gives a detailed account of what Jesus revealed to him in this course. Learn to partner with the Holy Spirit, renew your mind, overcome demonic oppression, and receive a fresh revelation of God's love!