Learn a musical instrument with a member of the Warrior Notes Worship team!

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Explore the world of music in Piano Level 1, guided by Brittany Gillette.

This introduction for beginners focuses on fundamental skills and musical concepts such as...

  • A piano's basic functions and features.
  • The White Keys, Musical Alphabet, and C Major Scale.
  • Movement around the piano using Intervals, Half-Steps, and Semitones.
  • The formula for finding Major Scales in music.
  • Building and playing chords in the C Major Scale.

Elevate your piano skills with Piano Level 2, taught by Brittany Gillette.

Building on the knowledge from Level 1, this course covers more complex theories and techniques like...

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of music theory.
  • Playing confidently with both hands.
  • Exploring and creating chord combinations.
  • Discovering the significance of Black Keys.
  • Learning the Major Scale and Chords in the key of G Major.

Dive into the world of guitar with Acoustic Guitar Level 1, led by professional guitarist Jason Gillette.

Through this comprehensive introduction, you will…

  • Understand your guitar's structure and function.
  • Learn precise tuning methods for accurate playing.
  • Practice Half Step and Whole Step movements.
  • Discover and play the Major Scale in G.
  • Identify every note on the guitar's neck with confidence.

Electrify your musical journey with Electric Guitar Level 1, instructed by professional guitarist Jason Gillette.

Tailored for beginners, through this course you will…

  • Discover your electric guitar's components and setup.
  • Master tuning for accurate and precise playing.
  • Practice Half Step and Whole Step movements on the neck of the guitar.
  • Learn to create and play the Major Scale in G.
  • Identify and understand every note on the guitar's neck.

Dive into the rhythm with Cajon and Percussion: Level 1, a dynamic video course tailored for beginners. 

Joined by instructor Mike Cowen, in this course you will...

  • Master the basics of Cajon playing.
  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm and timing.
  • Discover the math of drumming.
  • Build a foundation for playing in a group or solo setting.
  • Understand the role of the Holy Spirit when playing.