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Days of Heaven on Earth - Level 1

The realm of the supernatural is waiting for you!

Through a series of visitations from Jesus, Dr. Kevin Zadai learned what it truly means to experience Heaven on Earth. Kevin gives a detailed account of what Jesus revealed to him in this course.

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Receiving from Heaven course image
Receiving from Heaven

Are you doing everything you know to do, but are still not receiving your breakthrough? Many people are giving, but are not learning how to receive. This course will teach you how to yield to the Holy Spirit and start receiving from Heaven!

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The Agenda of Angels course image
The Agenda of Angels

In this life-changing course, Dr. Kevin Zadai teaches you the keys to operating in God’s agenda for your Life. God has already briefed the angels who are assigned to your life! The Agenda of Angels is a course about your role in this next move of God.

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I Am the God that Heals You course image
I Am the God that Heals You

God desires for you to be healed in this life! In this anointed course, Dr. Kevin Zadai gives you the keys to receiving healing in your life. I AM the God that Heals You is a course about your covenant rights for healing from God! It is time to be healed by the Great "I Am!"

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