Course Instructions

Completing Lectures

  • Each session has a video lecture and a quiz. Below the course instructions you can access the study guide which is meant to be an additional resource to the teaching within the video. You can view it on the screen or scroll down to the download link to print it.
  • After completing each lecture, click "Complete and continue" (the forward arrow on mobile devices) at the top of the screen, so that the system knows that you have completed the lecture and it will be reflected in your progress.
  • You need to complete the lectures in order, pass the quizzes and the final exam with a 60% or greater to advance and receive a Certificate of Completion. Each lecture will be marked complete once you click "Complete and continue" (the forward arrow on mobile devices) at the top. At the completion of the course, you will receive the allotted credit hour(s) towards your degree.

As part of your course completion, you will need to have met additional requirements that support your learning. The requirements are:

Bible reading and attendance at one of Dr. Kevin Zadai’s Spirit Schools per course. This can be in person or online. By checking the completion box at the end of the final exam, you are confirming your completion of the course requirements of reading, and one Spirit School of your choice per course.

  1. Spirit School—This can be done online or in-person and does not have to be a "live" broadcast. You can also count your previously attended or watched Spirit Schools. For a list of all current or previous Spirit Schools that you can watch or attend please review the links below. To meet the requirements of one Spirit School, you must watch a minimum of 10 hours of Warrior Notes teachings. You can also watch individual Warrior Notes videos and meetings if you can add them up to the minimum of 10 hours per course.  or

2. Additional Reading—As part of your course, a minimum of 65 pages of Bible reading is required. To fulfill this requirement you can choose any books of the Bible and chapters. We do not require specific reading but provide scripture basis within the study guide that students are welcome to follow along with. Audio Bible reading counts!

Upon completion of course content and these requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as credit towards your degree. You can keep track of your current credit hours by watching the Degree Dashboard that is found in your account. All courses count towards the various degrees Warrior Notes offers. Let’s earn another credit with this course!


Grading Scale

The Warrior Notes grading scale is listed below. Each course is graded based on this scale and will reflect on your official transcripts after earning your degree. 

Completing all course work and participation in all quizzes - 50% of the Final Grade

Final Exam – 25% of the Final Grade

Completion of one Spirit School and Bible reading – 25% of the Final Grade

For questions regarding course requirements, obtaining a degree, and other general school info please contact our team at:

[email protected] 


Technical Help

If you have any issues with the videos, please refresh the page by clicking the round arrow icon at the top of the browser window, or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. This normally fixes any issues with the videos. If the video starts over, you can fast forward by dragging across from the bottom.

For technical support, please use the Tech Support Form on our Help page:

For any other issues or questions, please click the person icon (profile picture) in the top menu of the Home page and click "Contact."

Contact the Dean and Special Offers

The Dean of Students, Pastor Mike Cowen, would love to be in communication with you. To receive emails from Pastor Mike that you can respond to, as well as receive special offers on future courses, please make sure you are opted in by clicking the person icon in the top menu, clicking "Edit Profile," and making sure that "I agree to receive instructional and promotional emails from Warrior Notes School of Ministry" is checked. You can opt out at any time by unchecking the box or using the unsubscribe link in emails sent from the School.

We are excited for you as you are on your journey to fulfill God's plan for your life.


The Warrior Notes School of Ministry Team

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