A Message From the Dean

Dear Beloved Student,

I want to take this moment and introduce myself. My name is Mike Cowen and I am privileged to be the Dean of Students for Warrior Notes School of Ministry under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Zadai. The Lord has given Dr. Zadai a passion to raise up students all over the world who are carriers of the Glory, have a passion for Jesus, strong in the Word of God, moving in signs, wonders, and miracles, and bringing revival to their spheres of influence.

We want you to know that you are not just “another student.” Not only are we praying for you, but we are committed to doing our part in helping you to be trained for the ministry that God has called you to. As Kevin has said many times before, “there are books written about you in Heaven” and it’s our passion to help you fulfill all that is written in your books!

With that being said, we are designing Warrior Notes School of Ministry to help prepare you for your future in God. We have many wonderful things in store. The School will keep developing into more and more specialized tracts so you can be equipped in your calling and destiny. The future plans for our students also include special meetings with Kevin, church planting, mission trips, conferences, training in worship, evangelism, leadership, and much, much more! In addition to the vision of this university, you can know that your degree is fully accredited and the training you will receive is exceptional. Making you called, equipped, and sent into all God has called you to do.

As a student of Warrior Notes School of Ministry, you are invited to apply for your own Bible Study with Warrior Fellowships! Please review all the details and application with the link below. For any questions regarding Warrior Fellowships please email Pastor Ryan at [email protected]

Apply for Warrior Fellowships with this link: https://warriorchurches.netviewshop.com/wcsignup.

If you want to take courses for your own spiritual enrichment and not to pursue a degree, we encourage that! However we would like to encourage you to grow with our School and stay connected with us as we offer more and more opportunities for you in the near future.

I want you to feel you can reach out to me and the W.N.S.M. staff at any time if you have any questions, comments, or testimonies of how Warrior Notes School of Ministry is impacting your life. We are on this journey together!

Many Blessings and much love!

Pastor Mike Cowen

Dean of Students, Warrior Notes School of Ministry

P.S. We have started a Facebook group just for Warrior Notes School of Ministry students! We are encouraging all the students to join this closed page for upcoming classes, updates, and encouragement. We also will have Facebook live events dedicated just to you. Come join your fellow classmates, connect, and let's grow in Jesus together! You can join by clicking the "Join Group" button below.
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